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	author          = {R. L. Aguiar and E. Onur and K. E. Skouby and M. C. Aguayo-Torres
	and T. S. Toftegaard},
	title           = {Users, Economics, Technology: Unavoidable Interdynamics},
	journal         = {Wireless Personal Communications},
	year            = {2010},
	month           = {May},
	volume          = {53},
	pages           = {437--442},
	issn            = {0929-6212},
	abstract        = {This paper briefly presents some conclusions of a brainstorming session
	on the way technology is evolving in ICT. Technology advances have
	overcome society ability to answer, both in economic and in human
	aspects. The current design paradigms, of agnostic technology development,
	need to be reconsidered, and the user needs to be repositioned at
	the center of future developments.}