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	author          = {I. Demirkol and C. Ersoy and E. Onur},
	title           = {Wake-up receivers for wireless sensor networks: benefits and challenges},
	journal         = {IEEE Wireless Communications},
	year            = {2009},
	month           = {August},
	volume          = {16},
	number          = {4},
	pages           = {88--96},
	abstract        = {For successful data delivery, the destination nodes should be listening
	to the medium to receive data when the sender node starts data communication.
	To achieve this synchronization, there are different rendezvous schemes,
	among which the most energy-efficient is utilizing wakeup receivers.
	Current hardware technologies of wake-up receivers enable us to evaluate
	them as a promising solution for wireless sensor networks. In this
	article the benefits achieved with wake-up receivers are investigated
	along with the challenges observed. In addition, an overview of state-of-the-art
	hardware and networking protocol proposals is presented. As wake-up
	receivers offer new opportunities, new potential application areas
	are also presented and discussed.}