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	author          = {J. Zhou and M. Jacobsson and E. Onur and I. Niemegeers},
	title           = {An Investigation of Link Quality Assessment for Mobile Multi-hop
	and Multi-rate Wireless Networks},
	journal         = {Wireless Personal Communications},
	year            = {2011},
	pages           = {1-19},
	note            = {10.1007/s11277-011-0263-1},
	issn            = {0929-6212},
	abstract        = {Wireless ad hoc networks will be an important component in future
	communication systems. The performance of wireless ad hoc networks
	can be improved by link quality-aware applications. Wireless link
	quality is dynamic in nature, especially in mobile scenarios. Therefore,
	accurate and fast packet delivery ratio estimation is a prerequisite
	to good performance in mobile, multi-hop and multi-rate wireless
	ad hoc networks. In this paper, we propose a novel packet delivery
	ratio estimation method that improves the accuracy and responsiveness
	of the packet delivery ratio estimation. The proposed link quality
	estimation components are implemented in a IEEE 802.11b/g test-bed.
	The experiment results show that the accuracy of the packet delivery
	ratio estimation can improve up to 50% in mobile scenarios without
	introducing overhead. We also show the end-to-end performance impact
	of this improved estimation on route selection using different routing
	metrics and configurations. The measurement results show that our
	packet delivery ratio method leads to better route selection in the
	form of increased end-to-end throughput compared to traditional methods,
	which respond slowly to the link dynamics.}