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	author          = {Hennie Huijgens, Rini van Solingen},
	title           = {Measuring Best-in-Class Software Releases},
	journal         = {2013 Joint Conference of the 23nd International Workshop on Software Measurement (IWSM) and the Eighth International Conference on Software Process and Product Measurement (Mensura)},
	year            = {2013},
	month           = {October},
	pages           = {137-146},
	issn            = {DOI 10.1109/IWSM-Mensura.2013.29},
	abstract        = {In this research we aimed to identify distinguishing
factors in software releases. For this purpose we analyzed the
metrics of 26 software projects. These projects were releasebased
deliveries from two stable, experienced development teams.
During the measurement period both teams transformed from a
plan-driven delivery model (waterfall) to an agile approach
(Scrum). Overall, we observed that these small release-based
projects differ largely from non-release-based projects. Our
research indicates that a combination of release-based working, a
fixed and experienced development team, and a steady heartbeat
contribute to performances that can be characterized as bestpractice.
The main contribution of this paper is that we found
five success factors (all reducing development complexity) that
result in best-of-class performance for small software releases.},
	url             = {},
	project         = {Free},
	topic           = {Performance analysis},
	group           = {SE}