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	author          = {Cohen, R. and Polevoy, G.},
	title           = {Inter-Datacenter Scheduling of Large Data Flows},
	journal         = {Cloud Computing, IEEE Transactions on},
	year            = {2015},
	volume          = {PP},
	number          = {99},
	pages           = {1-1},
	issn            = {2168-7161},
	abstract        = {Inter-datacenter transfers of non-interactive but timely large flows over a private (managed) network is an important problem faced by many cloud service providers. The considered flows are non-interactive because they do not explicitly target the end users. However, most of them must be performed on a timely basis and are associated with a deadline. We propose to schedule these flows by a centralized controller, which determines when to transmit each flow and which path to use. Two scheduling models are presented in this paper. In the first, the controller also determines the rate of each flow, while in the second bandwidth is assigned by the network according to the TCP rules. We develop scheduling algorithms for both models and compare their complexity and performance.}