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	author          = {F. Cena, C. Gena, G.J. Houben, M. Strohmaier},
	title           = {Introduction to the Special Issue on Big Personal Data in Interactive Intelligent Systems},
	journal         = {ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems},
	year            = {2017},
	month           = {July},
	volume          = {7},
	number          = {2},
	pages           = {1-6},
	issn            = {2160-6455},
	abstract        = {This brief introduction begins with an overview of the types of research that are relevant to the special issue on Big Personal Data in Interactive Intelligent Systems. The overarching question is: How can big personal data be collected, analyzed, and exploited so as to provide new or improved forms of interaction with intelligent systems, and what new issues have to be taken into account? The three articles accepted for the special issue are then characterized in terms of the concepts of this overview.},
	url             = {},
	topic           = {Big Bata Processing},
	group           = {WIS}